BrothersIt is an ancient landmark of Masonry that we do not solicit new members.  You should never be asked to join a lodge.  In fact, you must seek out and initiate the process if you would like to become a Mason.

The essential requirements are relatively few: you must be a man, you must be at least 18 years old, and you must believe in a supreme being.  Men of all faiths and colors are welcome.  What you believe in is between you and your creator,  but you can't believe in nothing.

Beyond that, we would like to get to know you.  The best way to proceed is to contact us, perhaps meet with one or more members of the lodge informally, and to join us for dinner at our stated meetings a few times.  Once you feel like you understand a bit about what we do, once you feel like you have a rapport with the members, and if you feel like your personal ambitions align with our purpose, you should then ask for a petition.

Before contacting us about membership, you should know that we value loyalty, fraternal love, and a deep commitment to our values.  We value service to our community, education and lifelong learning, civility, and personal honor.  We love our country, our family, and each other.  We are descended from men who build things up, not tear things down.

The process of petitioning takes some time.  Your petition must first be read out at one of our meetings, and the following month it will be voted on.  If successful, you will be scheduled for your first "degree" which will begin your journey.  You will be assigned a mentor, who will become a lifelong friend.  Expect the process from petitioning to becoming a full-fledged Master Mason to take a year or so.  It won't be easy.

An excellent way to begin the process is to visit the Grand Lodge of Washington website and familiarize yourself with our history and system of degrees. If any of this resonates with you, we'd love to hear from you.